Elements Course

The CFPD Elements Course is an 8-week (3x per week, 24-session) program designed to systematically introduce new members to CrossFit and prepare them for long-term success in our regular group classes. Emphasis throughout the 8-weeks is placed on developing good movement mechanics, consistency, and progressively introducing individuals to the intensity levels that are inherent to CrossFit.


Each session is an hour long and will include a warm-up, skill review, new skill development, and WOD (workout of the day). Additionally, focus will be given towards helping individuals learn progressions and scaling options that are best suited for their current fitness level.  Enrollment in each course is capped at 6 participants in order to maintain a small group setting.

Upcoming Elements Course Dates

Currently NONE scheduled.  Individual Elements Only.


Enrollment in the 8-week (3x per week, 24-session) Elements Course is $425.

Not sure if our Elements Course is right for you? Contact Andrea Roozen with any questions or concerns that you have!