Getting Started

CrossFit Pearl District is a membership-based gym. In order to provide the best possible experience for all of our members, we require new members to go through our Elements Course or “Test Out” evaluation before joining. By doing so, we also hope to prepare new members for long-term success within our regular class structure.

Step 1: Try a Class

Attend one of our regular classes. Regardless of your experience, attending one of our classes will give you an idea of whether or not our coaching, community, and programming are what you are looking for. Attending a class first isn’t required, but it’s a great place to start if you are unsure if our training is for you.

For our schedule of classes, click here.

Step 2: Elements or Test Out

If you are brand new to CrossFit, have limited CrossFit experience, or are just in need of a refresher, begin your membership by signing up for our Elements Course. For the more seasoned CrossFitter, complete our “Test Out” evaluation and have the option of jumping directly into membership.

Individual Elements:

Our Individual Elements Course consists of six one-on-one training sessions between you and a Coach that are designed to prepare you for our regular group classes. Sessions are geared towards teaching movements that are foundational to our training and introducing the core principals of the CrossFit methodology.

Price: $295*

*Includes first month of membership, which begins in conjunction with your first one-on-one training session. Complete your Elements Course in two weeks? Your next two weeks of training are on us.

Group Elements:

Do you thrive in a supportive group environment? Our 4-Week Group Elements Course will gradually introduce you to the rigors of our regular classes, alongside other CrossFit beginners. Check out our upcoming enrollment dates (UPDATED 6/5) for your next chance to get started and to learn more about our Group Elements option.

Price: $240**

**Includes 12x small group training sessions that meet 3x weekly. Each session is part of a course curriculum, so it is recommend that you plan on attending all 12 sessions.

Testing Out:

Our “Test-Out” requires athletes to demonstrate competency in basic gymnastics movements, power lifts, and Olympic lifts. Additionally, this evaluation will allow our coaches to communicate our expectations, gain familiarity with how you move, and begin to identify how we can help you develop as an athlete.

Price: None***

***Free with regular membership option. Based on our Coaches evaluation, one-on-one training may be required before moving into membership. Cost of additional training sessions is $40/session.


If you are unsure which option is best for you, please contact us with any questions you have about getting started.