As of Monday, September 26, CrossFit Pearl District will have a new home in the Pinnacle Pavilion, a 4400sq ft. building, located at NW 10th and Northrup in the north end of the Pearl. On Saturday, September 24th, we will run our last two classes at our 1427 NW Flanders location and then begin the move our new home.

We’ll be up and running in our new location for our regular class schedule on Monday morning, but it will take a month or so before all of our additions and improvements to the space are made. The increased square footage of our new facility will allow us to offer more services and amenities for our membership, all of which we will announce at a later date. I will be sending out an email later this weekend to all of our current members with more details about the move, but in short, all memberships will transfer over and will be adjusted accordingly if there is any delay in our transition.

This is a huge move for us and I’m certain that it will be a surprise to some of you, so please do not hesitate to contact me directly ([email protected]) if you have any questions or concerns about the transition. Truth be told we didn’t know until 2:00pm today if this was actually going to happen, so please accept my apologies for not letting everyone know sooner.

We say goodbye to a well-loved home of over five and a half years, but we look forward to the continued opportunity to serve our community and offer the best possible experience for our membership. On the behalf of Andrea and myself, we look forward to welcoming you to your new home.