April 2011


by Jeff, Coach on April 24, 2011 · 0 comments

It’s Official! We’ve made it! All of our permits have been approved and we will be ready to open for business soon! Our hours of operation are posted here. Alternatively, if you would like to schedule a time outside of those hours to come in and get acquainted, please drop us a line and we will be more than happy to set something up!

If it’s your first day, please arrive a few minutes early to fill out our Waiver & Release Form, as well as our Personal Information & Health Assessment Form. Generally, this takes 5 minutes to do - including actually reading everything - or up to 10 minutes if you have more than a few current/past health issues.

Aside from that, here are a 3 quick things that will help make (my) life easier as we get up and running:

1) Try your best to be on time.

Even if there are only a few people in a class, we will still be making every effort to start on time. Also, on the chance that you are late, please be respectful of the people who came on time and try not to disrupt a class in progress. Depending on how late you are, either catch up with the warm-up, warm-up on the side, or ask a Coach if you are unsure of anything.

2) Put your equipment away and clean up after yourself.

At 2500 square feet of space, our facility is more than spacious enough to handle a large group of people. However, the gym quickly begins to shrink if people leave their equipment out, or don’t put things back where they belong.

As for cleaning up after yourself, generally speaking, this applies to keeping the bathroom tidy and leaving any body parts on the equipment (blood, skin, sweat, ect…). I don’t expect people to clean up their sweat angles, but if you leave a puddle of your awesomeness on an ab-mat, it would be nice if you could wipe it off before you put it away.

3) Communicate

This applies to lots of things, be it introducing yourself to new people, talking about what is sore or tight from the day before, asking questions about why we do what we do, or telling me we’re out of toilet paper in the bathroom. Communication will go a long way in making this place into a great community.

Last couple of things to note…

I’ll be making every effort to post the WOD to the Facebook page every morning, as well as a picture of the whiteboard at the end of the day. Facebook is about 1000 times easier to update than the blog, so I’d like to post the every day updates there. Random posts, thoughts, and weekly reflections will be posted on the blog. If your “that guy” still holding out on signing up for Facebook, just give in already. Everyone else is.

Based on demand, our schedule may change as we go along. This will primarily include adding class times, but made include adjusting the start times of our classes. If this does happen, we will make sure to communicate these changes to you well before they go into effect. Schedule changes due to holidays, weather, and emergencies may happen from time to time, and we will make every effort to ensure that they are communicated to you in a timely fashion… which is probably another reason to sign up for Facebook.

Thanks so much for your patience everyone in getting the gym up and running! We’re finally here and I’m looking forward to all of the great things to come! Hope to see you all soon!


It’s The Little Things In Life…

by Jeff, Coach on April 6, 2011 · 2 comments

They say that “It’s the little things in life that matter most.” While I’m not exactly sure who “they” are, it certainty wouldn’t surprise me if “they” have gone through the process of obtaining a temporary occupancy permit before.

Here is where we stand, as of Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 8:59PM…

Our temporary occupancy review yielded 3 requirements that need to be full-filled before we are granted approval. In no particular order (ok, maybe in some particular order), here is what’s left on the to do list:

1) A Bike Rack.

The wonderful City of Portlandia (where young people to go retire) requires that we have A bike rack inside of our building. I capitalize “A” only to emphasize that we only need A single bike rack, and not many a bike rack, which would actually necessitate the need for a bike rack. In case that last part sounds familiar…

Side note: I hate Portland Bicyclists. I know that is a fairly gross over-generalization, so let me be more clear. I hate Portland Bicyclists who don’t wear helmets, ride in the middle of the street, and only choose to follow the rules of the road when it suits them. Even more specifically, I hate when bicyclists ride in the street, and then use the crosswalk when there is a red light and/or feel that they don’t need to stop at stop signs. If that’s any of you, please know that I don’t really hate you, I just strongly dislike you when you ride a bicycle, and only really hate you when I am in my car and you are going faster than me and doing any of the above.

2) Light Buds

Our rear fire exit needs two small “light buds” that will illuminate our rear exit sign in the case that the power goes out. This actually make sense, up until the part where once we obtain our temporary occupancy, we are required to cover up the exit sign since our back egress hallway (aka fire exit) is not yet completed, and won’t need to be completed until the building has additional occupants (which is still probably 6 months away). Silly? Maybe a little.

3) The Final Yard…

I’m sure you are asking yourself what this picture is of, so here’s the answer: The picture that you are looking at is the 3-feet (aka 1-yard) of space that separates our connection (the steel pipe) to Qwest Telecommunications (the black cord coming out of the wall).

To be more clear, before we receive approval for our temporary occupancy, we need a Fire Final Review. Before our Fire Final Review we need a Sprinkler Inspection and a Fire Alarm Inspection. For our Sprinkler Inspection and our Fire Alarm Inspections to pass, the sprinkler system and the fire alarm system need to be able to communicate with the Fire Station in case of an emergency. It is this communication that requires a phone line (actually, 2 phone lines), which brings us back to Qwest Telecommunications and the 3-foot connection gap that needs to be bridged in order for us to have phone service to the building.

If reading that last paragraph gives you a headache, I assure you that you aren’t alone… and while there are probably more than a handful of profanities that I could use to describe this current “issue” we are having, I will restrain myself and just say that this is really an awesome little situation we have going on here.

Anyways, unless someone out there works for Qwest or Comcast, and is able to expedite the current one week wait time for us to get someone out to the building to bridge that 3-foot gap and hook up our phone lines, we are probably looking at another week of “awesomeness” before we open.

Until that time, make sure to enjoy the little things in life. I for one, will be enjoying the extra week of sleeping in.