***Weekend Schedule Update***
In lieu of our regular Saturday morning team workout, we will be programming the 3 events from the 2017 CrossFit Liftoff. Registration is not required, and you will each have the option of completing as many or as few of the events as you’d like during each of our regular class times (note: if you want to complete all three, plan on spending more than an hour).

For people who are interested in completing all three events, we will also be extending our open gym hours until 1pm on Saturday, as well as running an open gym on Sunday from 10am – noon.

CrossFit Liftoff:
“Event 1”
1RM Snatch

“Event 2”
1RM Clean & Jerk

“Event 3”
AMRAP in 12 Minutes of:
25 Pull-Ups
50 Calorie Row
100 Overhead Squats – 45/45
50 Box Jumps – 24/20
25 Pull-Ups